Story behind our logo

Components of our logo and the why we relate to this sketch

Logo was inspired by our past experiences of working in India. Pokkali - The Story of a Rice, Re-purposing tourism and conservation tools ( like a kayak / boat) as a search and rescue tool, the community participation in the management of a snake boat race in the backwaters of Kerala. We see waves and rising of sea levels as well in it. The lone image of a human there represents the Gandhian Talisman where we link all our climate action initiatives directly to livelihoods of local communities.

"I will give you a talisman. Whenever you are in doubt, or when the self becomes too much with you, apply the following test. Recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man [woman] whom you may have seen, and ask yourself, if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him [her]" M.K Gandhi

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